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WERNER Liquid Leakage Alarm System is widely used for Under-floor Air Conditioning Units, Over-head Fan Coil Units, Hot Water Radiator Units, Sump Tanks, Drip Trays, etc. Zone-Type Liquid Leakage Alarm System can be used with Water Sensing Cable or Spot Type Water Leakage Detector to detect the presence of water on a horizontal surface. Applications: Server Rooms, Offices, Ships, etc

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WN-FS-0309 Water Leakage Spot-On Detection Sensor

WERNER Model: WN-FS-0309 Water Leakage Spot-On Detection Sensor is widely used for underfloor Air-conditioning Units, Overhead Fan Coil Units, Hotwater Radiator Units, Sump Tanks, Drips Trays, etc.

Applications: Server Rooms, Office Pantry, Ships, AHUs, etc


01 Supply Voltage: 8Vdc to 30Vdc
02 Supply Current: <50mA
03 Relay Contact: 250Vac / 30Vdac, max. 3A
04 Operating Temperature -5 to + 60 deg C
05 Wiring Details: Red (L+) – Brown (L-) – Blue(NC) – Yellow (COM) – White (NO)
06 Length of Cables: 2m
07 Double Insulated Cable: 5 X 0.3mmsq copper cable

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