AC and DC Capacitor

AC filtering, PFC, lighting & Motor Start/Run Capacitors And Supercapacitor and Ultracapacitor


Charger/Inverter/UPS DC Capacitors
Motor Start/Run Capacitors
Power Factor Correction Capacitors
AC Filtering Capacitors
Lighting Capacitors
DC Link Capacitors

The leading specialist for the provision of durable, high quality AC/DC Capacitors for all types of UPS, Rectifiers, Chargers, VSD & Power Electronics Equipments, in the Commercial, Industrial, Railway & Marine Sectors.


  • Long Life
  • Superior Quality
  • High Performance
  • Short Delivery Time
  • Ex-Stock
  • Solutions for Difficult to find AC/DC Capacitors
DC Capacitor

Supercapacitor and Ultracapacitor

Itelcond is one of the largest pioneer, specializing in its capacitors.

Itelcond was founded in November 1976 and has been devoted to the production of capacitors for the professional, industrial and telecommunication domain. Itelcond manufactures large can units, with screw terminals for fitting in many different electronic equipments, with brackets or mounting stud. Itelcond also manufactures units with higher working voltage (350 volts and up), high capacitance-volume ratio and high ripple current.

AC Motor Start And Run Capacitor

Kendeil is an Italian factory with over 35 years of experience in manufacturing high quality large can aluminium electrolytic capacitors and power film capacitors.Actual production range spreads from large can screw terminal type capacitors mainly used on pcb boards, and to the motor start type for alternate current applications. All capacitors are international standardscompliants CECC, DIN, IEC, under a Quality Certification ISO 9001 System.


The manufacturer in worldwide to propose heavy duty “paper in oil” technology capacitors.

ICAR technical competence has been an essential skill for the development of capacitors and related solutions for special applications since the company was first set up. ICAR has been carried on in the fields of electronics, becoming a power capacitor specialist. ICAR products are used for a number of applications ranging from renewable energy to sustainable mobility to light traction and railway traction.


Arcotronics Group is a world leading producer of passive components.

Arcotronics Group offers our customers the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry,along with an expanding range of electromechanical devices, electromagnetic compatibility solutions and supercapacitors. Visioned to be the preferred supplier of electronic component solutions for customers demanding the highest standards of quality, delivery and service.

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