Rhino Wet Waste Filter System

The Problem

The foodservice industry is required to use grease traps for the removal of fats, oils and grease (FOGS) from wastewater before it flows into municipal drains. Unfortunately, grease traps are often under-sized and underperform, allowing FOGS to escape into the drains, causing severe blockages. Unblocking costs are a major financial burden to both foodservice operators and municipalities.

Waste Water Pump

The RHINO Solution

The RHINO Interceptor is an inexpensive, simple, but highly effective “At Source Solution.” The RHINO’s specially designed filter allows liquid to escape, while retaining wet waste, preventing it from accumulating at the bottom of the grease trap, eliminating foul odors and extending the life of the trap. With the use of the RHINO, your grease trap is more effective in separating FOGS from wastewater. Fewer costly drain blockages occur and fewer grease trap cleanings are required. The RHINO Interceptor is a smart solution to reducing operational downtime and keeping you compliant with municipal wastewater bylaws.

Rhino Filter Stainless Steel Tank Dimensions

Rhino Filter Stainless Steel Tank Assembly Download

Rhino Filter Stainless Steel Tank Spare Part List

Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor Brochure

RHGSS 01 Assembly Video

Rhino Wet Waste Stainless Interceptor




To ensure that the RHINO™ Wet Waste Filtration System performs at maximum efficiency, the following maintenance program should be done on a weekly basis:

  • Remove clear plastic lid.
  • Remove filter.
  • Spray lid with cleaner/degreaser and let the lid soak. If near a dish washing machine run lid through it. If near a sink, wash lid in sink. DO NOT use green scrub pad or stainless-steel scrub pad on the clear plastic lid. This will scratch the surface. Towel or soft cloth should only be used.
  • Take black plastic drain grates from the bottom of the RHINO and spray them with the same cleaner/degreaser. Wash in sink or run through the dish washing machine.
  • Spray inside the RHINO with the cleaner/degreaser.
  • Spray inside the RHINO with water to clean out.
  • Put black drain grates back in.
  • Replace filter and close clear lid.
  • Repeat the following week.


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