EMS (Environmental Monitoring System)

Who Are We?

Aflex Wheeltronics Pte Ltd is a component trading and engineering company based in Singapore.

Our services are:

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Batteries replacement program
  • Capacitor replacement
  • Preventive maintenance plan
  • Remote monitoring
  • Installation & disposal of batteries
  • Load banks rental & testing
  • Circuit breakers
  • Active Harmonics Filter
  • LEW & Consultancy Services
  • Battery Chargers
  • Inverters

Our products include, Aluminium Electrolytic DC Capacitors, Aluminium Casing AC Capacitors (screw terminal / PCB mounted), Filtering, Lighting, Motor Starting AC Capacitors, Polypropylene AC/DC Capacitors, Load banks rental & testing, Circuit breakers, Active Harmonics Filters, LEW Services, UPS, Batteries, Chargers, Inverter, etc.

Applications: UPS, Rectifiers, Frequency Converters, VSD, Railway Traction System, Chargers, Inverters, and etc.

EMS (Environmental Monitoring System)

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